Security Cameras

Every utility or convenience store and open gas stations are at the risk of theft, stealing, burglars and robberies. The major problem faced by such stores and commercial areas is that the staff is always unsafe in the late night time when the traffic is significantly reduced and people are also very low around. Such silent times are the peak times of robbery and other accidents at the convenience stores each day, thereby reducing the profit and safety of not only employees but also the asset at the store as well as other customers.

In such situation, it is highly important for every owner of convenience store and gas station to install high quality cameras and a full security camera system to prevent such incidents and to monitor the activities all the time by producing top quality videos.

Such security camera systems allow the managers of these stores to keep an eye on everything including staff, assets and their customers all the time.

Keep an eye on your commercial area

The Vanguard IT Solution has come up with the digital camera systems that offers high quality video at affordable rates to protect your convenience store and gas stations. Our CCTV cameras provide high resolution video quality to keep everything safe.

Areas controlled with Vanguard IT Solutions

  • Entrance and exit areas

  • Cash counter

  • Parking area

  • Gas pump

  • Storage area

  • Side areas at gas pump

  • Rest rooms

  • Whole convenience store

Benefits of video surveillance at commercial site

The digital CCTV camera system allows a cost effective and high quality solution to increase the site security by preventing accidents and crime scenes

The security system helps upper management in modifying the behavior of staff as an eye on them will help in preventing problems by watching them all time

Concentration on the company and 24/7 video monitoring will increase the yearly company’s profit and ultimately the wages of employees too

The surveillance cameras offer the managers to keep an eye on all the areas including gas pumps, cash register or accounts area, parking lot, entrance and exit areas and others by sitting in one security room and prevent all the security accidents with the help of top quality camera system

The high quality security systems is helping the upper management in taking control over all the employees in such a way that they perform the tasks completely in accordance with all the rules and regulations, thereby avoiding the criminal scenes or theft by any member

The system also helps managers to reduce the insurance plans at every product present at the workplace due to the reduced risk of frauds or theft after installing security camera system and The high quality video offers the managers to focus on the other issues that need attention

How digital camera system protect c-store and pumps?

  • Two way audio system


  • 24 hours constant monitoring of site


  • High quality video delivery


  • High quality video, audio and image storage option


  • Immediate sharing of audio, video or image to fire or police department


  • Instant access to all the images and videos anytime


Equipment required for security?

The Vanguard IT Solutions carry a wider range of security cameras and other equipment that completely fits your need for protection of convenience store and gas pumps. Whether you require a small package or you are looking for some detailed security system, Vanguard IT Solutions is available to meet your needs for all time. The security system requires:

  • Fixed or hidden security cameras

  • Weather or bullet proof cameras

  • LED TV monitors

  • Video control

  • Digital video recorder

  • Cables

  • Support system

  • Installation system

  • Mounting hardware and software