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Vanguard IT Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

1. Introduction:

The Vanguard IT facial recognition and body temperature abnormity detection camera is capable of detecting  temperature abnormality without actual physical contact at different applicable scenes, alerting people with abnormal body temperature , recognizes if a persons is wearing a mask, or not. The camera can be connected to a access control door and the camera denies entry if any abnormalities are reported

TH-P158 Thermal


  • live body recognition
  • track of the movement of a human face in backlit environment
  • Facial recognition algorithm, able to recognize faces with high accuracy, the response time is <0.5s. The body temperature detection, range is between 30℃~45℃, with discrepancy ±0.5℃. Recognition of individuals wearing a mask[1] mask detection, alert when people are not wearing a mask. Built-in high-performance NPU Linux operating system with hardware having high reliability of MTBF>50,000h
  • Capable of storing 24,000+ facial image and up to 50,000 capture record
  • Operating temperature: 15℃~35℃
  • Supports multiple interfaces(I/O \WG26\WG34\RJ45)
  • 8 inches HD display, image display without delay
  • Automatic gain and auto white balance, able to exhibit the true color of the image
  • Built-in black light level sensor, low-light recognition is in high accuracy
  • 2D/3D noise reduction anti-fog technology, low-light recognition smoothening capability
  • Supports intelligent light filled setting


Theft, fraud or accidents are one of the most common thing that happens in the industrial area and this leads to the loss of millions or sometimes billions of dollars to the company. In such scenario, it is one of the best option to install surveillance cameras everywhere and in every department of the industry. It will not only help the manufacturers to keep an eye on their work but they will also be able to disclose the thefts or accidents that happen in the area.

The latest IP cameras allow the manufacturers to see clear images in the system with the help of Internet connection.

Keep an eye on your inventory

This is now possible with the help of vanguard IT solutions. The updated CCTV camera system offered by our company offers a unique, affordable and highly reliable solution for the manufacturing and industrial areas.

Areas controlled with Vanguard IT Solutions

  • Entrance and exit areas

  • Production department

  • Storage area

  • Break rooms

  • Raw material storage area

Benefits of video surveillance systems

It allows the managers to keep track of the incidents or security breach accidents with high quality camera systems

Reduction of insurance plans as the workplace incidents including thefts or frauds are negligible in the presence of wireless security cameras

It offers a high quality but cost effective way to enhance the security of the area with reduction in the environment incidents

The surveillance cameras in the area offers the managers to keep an eye on all the employees so they can perform their tasks accurately

These systems allow the upper management to reduce their areas visit and keep focusing on other core issues that require special attention

The security camera system assists the management to modify the staff behavior and prevent the problems by helping them in watching areas all the time

How digital video system protects?

  • High quality video output

  • Two way audio talk

  • 24 hours video monitoring of area without requiring any operator

  • Image capturing options

  • Video storage options

  • Immediate sharing of the video or audio

Equipment offered by Vanguard IT Solutions

The protection of an industrial area requires lots of cameras and other equipment in order to cover such a big area. We offer not only high quality CCTV camera systems but they are also affordable and doesn’t require any complex systems to operate. The security system offers:

  • Fixed security cameras

  • Hidden security cameras

  • Bullet proof system

  • Cables

  • Video recorders

  • Video controllers and switches

  • LED TV monitoring system

  • Support system

  • Installation