Retail Cameras

Shopping malls and other small retail stores are posed similar security breach challenges including burglar attack, credit card frauds, armed robbery, shop-lifting and employee theft. Violence in the shopping malls has been significantly enhanced that has raised concern in the establishing authorities to quickly control the situation and keep an eye on every area and site all the time.

At such times, there is a high need for installation of high quality cameras as well as the video recorders to view and store the clear quality images of each and every area all the time with the help of an established Internet connection. These digital security camera systems offer the protection of stores and shopping malls by helping the management and other law enforcing authorities to keep an eye on all the things including the employees, assets and customers. Moreover, it also gives them an edge in investigating the criminal activities or incidents with help of sharp and clear quality images.

Vanguard IT Solutions Security System

The implementation of affordable, high quality and the most reliable security system in the shopping malls and retail store is the necessity. The Vanguard IT Solutions security camera system offers top quality security cameras with the best expertise in security that requires full experience. The top quality and easy to use security system includes installation in areas including:

  • Retail floors and high traffic areas

  • Entrance and exit areas

  • Parking areas

  • Storage areas

  • Elevators or escalators

  • ATMs

  • Sales counters at every shop

  • Cash counters at every shop

  • Toilets central area

  • Cinemas and food court

  • Rest rooms

  • Much More

Benefits of video surveillance system

It allows top quality video and images as a clear evidence at the time of mishap or security breech incidents

it offers the most cost effective and reliable solution to enhance the security system by keeping an eye on all the areas including storage areas, parking areas, exit or entrance areas, retail floors and cash counter

It reduces the theft at the site and property that ultimately helps upper management in reducing the insurance plans for every product that is placed at the site

All time supervision of the store and shopping malls helps the upper management in modifying their employee behavior and ultimately preventing the problems related to the work or employees

The reduction in criminal activities such as theft, robbery, burglar attack and other problems increases the profit of the company and delivers higher return on the investment

The higher qualityCCTV camera video system allows the upper management to keep an eye on the employees by reducing site visit, which allows them to keep focusing on the core issues of the company

Equipment for security system

The Vanguard IT Solutions are offering wide range of equipment and IP camerasin order to meet the needs of customers. The company is offering a special set of equipment for customers requiring it for retail outlets or shopping malls. The high quality and the most reliable security system includes:

  • Fixed and hidden security cameras

  • Bullet proof and weather proof security cameras

  • Digital video recorder

  • Video and audio controller

  • Hardware

  • LED monitors

  • Service and support

  • Installation team